YESILYURT DOKUM MAK. SAN. INS. TIC. ITH. IHR. LTD. STI. In the beginning of 1990, an outdoor area of ​​1000m² was established at the Dökümcüler Site in Ankara with a capacity of 300 Ton / Year. YESILYURT has started to work with an amateur spirit, and with the contribution of its employees, it has succeeded to be a trustworthy, quality sure organization in a short time. YESILYURT has added a new 500m² space in the beginning of 1998 and increased its production to 1200 tons / year. YESILYURT DOKUM ( FOUNDRY) , which aims to renew itself constantly in order to keep up with the developing technology, has taken its place in the foundry sector as a firm that does not compromise its name and quality from this market with its new places to its targets. YESILYURT DOKUM ( FOUNDRY) has been one of the firms that has always been able to protect its development with the new machines and personnel that it has received because of the newness and change following open technology and it can not be abandoned that it proved itself with reliable, quality safe and knowledgeable power in short time. YESILYURT DOKUM ( FOUNDRY) has been producing 3,500 tons / year of production with its 4000 m² working area and new places to meet the ever increasing demand, better quality to customers, timely delivery of orders and increase capacity. YESILYURT DOKUM ( FOUNDRY) has spent the activity of new sand system completed in early 2007 and has made it a goal to display on top of what you think with its laboratory. We always share YESILYURT DOKUM( FOUNDRY)'S targets, quality and growth with our employees and we want to share this happiness with our valued customers. With the new face, new system and employees of our factory; we invite our customers to share these innovations and we are looking forward to seeing you at YESILYURT DOKUM MAK. SAN. INS. TIC. ITH. IHR. LTD. STI.

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